Three articles about TiVo

MediaDialyNews published a series of three articles about Tivo, “What TiVo People Know”:

  1. What TiVo People Know, Part I
  2. What TiVo People Know, Part II
  3. What TiVo People Know, Part III – A Modest Proposal

The first article roughly describes what has been available in the past to record programs, and how the TiVo differs from it. The second article describes more of the benefits of the TiVo. The third acrticle is the most interesting – it describes how to adopt the ability to skip commercials to a new advertising strategy.

The articles are written by Cece Forrester, a media planner in Chicago.

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  1. Cece doesn’t seem aware that all TiVo;s have an undocumented skip button:

    The TiVo skip is done by entering into the TiVo remote:

    repeating the entry toggles the feature on and off and a power loss toggles it off.

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