Home automation with Raspberry Pi and Arduino

admin.schemaInstructable user electronichamsters has a very detailed instruction manual on how to create a home automation system that can:

  • Notify you when the mail arrives
  • Track your dog’s poop and bark locations
  • Monitor for people in different parts of the house
  • Check for water leaks
  • Alert you when the dog runs away
  • Not only check when the washer or dryer is finished, but also if someone has been there already
  • Watch the temperature and humidity in different rooms
  • etc. etc.

using a Raspberry Pi, a few Arduino clones, some cheap sensors from eBay, and openHAB as the brains of the operation.

Head over to Instructables instructions and get started with a cheap but very advanced home automation system.

Microsoft’s vision of how we will work and live in the future

Microsoft is working on its view of the future. This is a video of how Microsoft envisions Office in the (near?) future, and how it impacts our work and home live. Pay close attention to the recipe the girl selects at the end – it shows the ingredients being displayed on the kitchen counter. What it leaves out is something I’ve seen in another video, where the ingredients are put on the counter, matching the displayed ingredients – and it detects mismatches in the items.

Exciting to see this kind of vision, and I’m really curious how far away this is. We have face to face talk, interactive surfaces, touch screens, etc. Maybe 10 years from now, this will be the norm…