My webpage is covered by something! – ga_shade hides your website

I recently ran into some trouble accessing Automation Adventures. A strange screen covered pretty much the first page of the website, neatly hiding the login button and the dashboard of WordPress. Some digging revealed that Google Analytics had added a CSS division named ga_shade, effectively preventing me from using my own site…

Luckily, the fix is simple: remove the GASO cookie. In Firefox, open Tools, Options, Privacy, and click on the Show Cookies button. In the Search bar, type GASO, and remove the cookie. Reload the page, and the mist should be gone.

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  1. Hi Ramy,

    Unfortunately clearing the cache doesn’t seem to work. I agree, it happens when you’re logged into your Analytics account, but logging out of that logs you out of everything Google… Deleting the cookie seems to work, albeit not permanent.

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