Galleon 0.2 released

Probably old news by now, but I just noticed that Leon released the second beta of Galleon on March 8. New features include bugfixes and improvements on TiVoToGo, and support for weather status and predictions.

TiVo – ComCast deal

The Street reports that Tuesday TiVo and ComCast announced that they will develop a new DVR with TiVo, that should be available to ComCast viewers by mid to late 2006.

This might put any rumours of TiVo’s death to rest… and apparently it is not just The Street reporting it: The Wall Street Journal reports something similar, although I can’t check it since the WSJ requires a registration.

It’s official, even on TiVo’s and Comcast’s website. Apparently this is the news everybody was waiting for: the shares of TiVo went up about 75%…!

Interesting site with Linksys Information

While browsing the TiVo community, and trying to find a solution for my still not working Netgear WG111, I came across some posts describing how to use two LinkSys WRT54G routers and create a bridge. The post included a link to a site dedicated to the LinkSys line of network equipment: LinksysInfo.

You don’t need to register to use many of the features, but please do, and if possible, make a donation. This site has either the information you’re looking for, or people on the boards can point you in the right direction.

I’m looking for a similar site for Netgear…

iSee iTunes – TiVo HME application

iSee iTunes is a cool little application using TiVo HME. It allows you to control the iTunes program on your computer, changing playlists and rating the songs that are being played.

It does not play any songs through the TiVo. To actually hear the music you need to hook up an Airtunes unit or something similar. However, if I’m not mistaken the last version of JavaHMO was capable of using iTunes, and iTunes playlists. Wouldn’t it be great if these two programs could somehow be combined…?

Galleon 0.1 – first look

I installed Galleon 0.1 on my machine yesterday. First off: read the instructions. One thing that got me was the fact that it uses JDK 1.5 – all I had was 1.4’s.

This is the first TiVo HME enabled version of what is formerly known as JavaHMO. It has one very neat feature added: you can transfer files from the TiVo to your PC while sitting at your TiVo. So if you like a program, apart from give it a thumbs-up, you can now decide to transfer it to the PC for later editing and DVD burning.

Since I didn’t have the correct JDK installed until this morning, I haven’t been able to test any of it. I will try and do some transfers tonight, and let you know.

Oh, if anyone has a NetGear WG111 working with TiVo, please let me know. The darn thing is frustrating the heck out of me, and it would be nice to know it should work….

TiVo 802.11g support – NetGear WG111

So far I have had no luck hooking up the Netgear WG111 I bought 2 days ago. Apparently just disconnecting the old network adapter and plugging in the new doesn’t work (I didn’t expect it to work), but even the following set of steps didn’t work:

  1. Turn TiVo off
  2. Unplug old Linksys adapter
  3. Turn TiVo on
  4. Check that there is no adapter
  5. Turn TiVo off
  6. Plug in new Netgear adapter
  7. Turn TiVo on

I wish I could put down step 8 as “Check that adapter is there and working”, but so far it only shows the old network settings, and no signal. I will have to do some more testing, but so far it is about as frustrating as any of the other wireless network adapters I’ve set up.

TiVo 7.1 supporting 802.11g

Yesterday I came across a couple of posts stating that TiVo is now supporting 802.11g adapters. A quick check revealed that the Supported Wireless Adapaters page at TiVo support now shows 2 G-adapters: the D-Link DWL-G120 and the NetGear WG111. Both require version 7.1a of the TiVo software (i.e. the software on your TiVo). Monitor the supported adapters pages for correct versions of these adapters.

I checked, and BestBuy has a deal on the NetGear WG111: the in-store price is $59.99, with a total of $40 of mail-in rebates. Check your stores for the details…

Of course I rushed out and grabbed one, just to test this out. Unfortunately I didn’t have a lot of time last night, and a simple substitute of one wireless adapter for another doesn’t quite work. I’ll have to play around with it a little more tonight!

Several people on the forum (including TivoBill) report that there is little or no speed increase when using 802.11g – yet. This may be resolved in future versions.